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Interactive LED wall: with light show noise, air pollution

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-17
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   Recently, WZ Jardins Hotel Sao Paulo, Brazil installed an interactive LED wall on one side, it can be noise, air quality and people's interactions around on the corresponding software to respond. It is the part of the "Hacked City" project, which is used to  demonstrate how technology can bring about positive change for the city. With facades Toronto Ontario College of Art and Design University, like, WZ Jardins build this wall is based on local data. The use of metal material is able to then displayed in a way audio waveform in a single day according to ambient sound landscape.

  That is, people can be very intuitive to see changes in the environment of urban life.

  In addition, people can also use the phone software with this LED wall surfaces interact with voice and gesture two kinds of control methods.

  In addition, the team is still on this side of the interactive facades installed a microphone for collecting noise, air quality sensor detection, LED lights are energy in different forms will be displayed on the ambient conditions. Among them, the red and orange and other warm colors refers to the contaminated air, while the blue, green and other cool colors indicate the air quality improved.

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