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Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University invention to control plant color LED nightlights

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-16
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  Recently, I learned from Zhejiang University of Agriculture and Forestry College was informed that the hospital Professor Zhou Guoquan invented a potted plant utilizing color control LED night light, the results have been declared national invention patents. According to reports, this LED night light color by color control potted plants, according to different leaf or flower color potted plants emit different light, both to improve space utilization and overall aesthetics, but also get LED colored light and plant leaves, flowers, colors echo the color cast, can play a role to enhance enrichment.

  This LED night light is generally placed potted plants just above, when potted plants do not flower, color classification module determines two colors, namely leaf color and leaf complementary color; when potted plants flowers color classification module determines 4 colors, respectively, color blades, vanes complementary color, flower color, flower complementary color.

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