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Intelligent LED lights can change color with the music, but also called up

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-15

  Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO.,LTD. led buried underground light supplier China led flood light factoryAluminum Alloy Flood Light Manufacturers

  Sometime feel that life is boring? Maybe the latest Zedfy Zedcon intelligent LED lights can make your mood High up. Compared to our house with common ordinary LED lamp, this LED lamp with intelligent Zedcon can connect your smartphone, and a small controller with built-in between 16 million kinds of different colors switched. Common LED lights use standard light-emitting diode, usually only one color unchanged, while Zedcon can transform any color.

  In addition, for those who like to listen to music is, Zedcon controller also has a built in microphone and music processing chip that can play music on the current rhythm analysis and processing, and to cope with the current rhythm of music through different color combinations and flashes. This feature is for parties, dinners and dances is very practical. In addition, when the party coming to an end, the guests gradually dispersed, Zedcon also with the weakening of the music and slowly darken, and presents only one color, and finally disappearing.

  In addition, this Zedcon intelligent LED lights and many other functions. For example, if you are tired of noisy people every morning alarm sound, may wish to use Zedcon smart timing function, after setting a good time to get up, Zedcon will automatically turn soft lighting, with the most natural way to wake you up. Also, if someone calls at midnight, you can also set Zedcon flashing prompt, rather than think of the phone ringing to wake sleeping family. Zedcon with many intelligent functions like light bulbs, but more flexible in location and scope.

  Currently, Zedcon intelligent LED lights are already on Indiegogo congregation began to raise, if everything goes well, if the delivery is expected in the second half of this year. Zedcon congregation to raise the price of $ 79 for the three feet (about 500 yuan), and interested friends can come to appreciate the introductory video.

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