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2015 weakness in the global chip market demand or negative growth

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-14
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    According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) survey data show, due to weak market demand, resulting in three-month moving average of global chip sales in July this year compared with a year earlier recession.

  Year to date (YTD) global chip sales growth still reached 2.7%, but considering the weak demand trend will continue into the third quarter - which traditionally is usually the strongest quarter of growth, showing 2015 chip market may become zero growth or even a recession year of the year.

  Three-month moving average of global semiconductor sales in July of this year were about $ 27.88 billion, down 0.9 percent when compared with July 2014; and compared with $ 27.99 billion in June this year, 0.4 percent lower.

  From a regional market, China, Asia-Pacific and the Americas region increased annual sales, but Europe (-12.5%) and Japan (-13.3%), but a substantial decline, a part of the reason is subject to the impact of currency devaluation. This past year continued to be affected.

  Effect of exchange rate in July this year is particularly evident, especially when compared to market growth in the euro and the dollar. In euro, the European semiconductor sales of about 2.549 billion euros, compared with last month fell 0.3%, but an increase of 7.1% over last year. In addition, in 2014 compared with the first seven months of view, YTD sales in Europe grew by 12.7%; however, whether it is the euro or the dollar, short-term market development trend is the same slow growth.

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