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Have you seen it? Wearable LED!

  • Author:abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-12

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  Not long ago, Russia announced a new transit regulations, starting from July 1, pedestrians at night must wear light, reflective device, so as to avoid motorists did not notice pedestrians cause accidents. Imagine, these luminous reflective products in Russia led to some selling.

  How much the market of the new regulation brings will be? According to October 2010 the latest census data show that the total population of Russia is 142.9 million, with the "light" products become necessities of life of Russian citizens, the market demand is also expected will be "100 million" dollars. In fact, in the international market, in addition to Russia, including Sweden, Denmark and other Nordic countries because of relatively dark winter long on wearable LED light reflective products consumption is also great, these small objects, contains a huge market , noteworthy.

  It is understood that Spain has introduced a similar provision in 2010. It is reported that these products are generally relatively light emitting strange new alternative products, mainly concentrated in the clothing, jewelry watches, fashion accessories, luggage, footwear and other fashion product categories, such as: LED party hat, LEDT- shirt, LED mask, LED emitting shoes, LEDcosplay, LED bracelet, LED earrings, rings, LED watches, luminous package, reflective, LED key chains, hair ornaments and other luminous. Wearable, walking on the road at night will be light or reflective, not only allows the driver to drive with friends far noticed, and filled with "light man", it will look cool.

  Of course, wearable LED products have gradually become the darling of fashion. In 2010, the famous singer Katie • Perry (KatyPerry) which put CuteCircuit piece - one has more than 3,000 LED lights can change color dress - attended the fashion event MetGala (New York metropolitan fashion celebration). CuteCircuit thereby obtaining the kind of attention, small companies dream of. New research shows that the future is likely to be the kind of dress you dress the part.

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