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Amazing! Bubbling LED lights!

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-10

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  With the promotion of smart home, smart lamp more and more popular. However, a good light, not just look at it how powerful, its unique design is also very important. Today, we will introduce a magic lamp, a lamp will bubble.

  American Tangent Design is a design company, which has been to design unconventional lighting system is known. They are designed to refresh each lighting fixture definition of public, unique. They recently designed a called "kihou" lighting, once again gave us a surprise.

  Solid-state materials are generally used as a traditional light bulb light bulbs, while kihou but to break the routine, the choice of two different liquids with bubbles of air bubbles to achieve a flashing rhythm of the golden bubble effect.

  kihou is an indirect lighting, the main use of the liquid and the bubble two substances. First, the entire group of lighting carrier is a ceramic material cube container, there are different colors.

  Each box comes with a ceramic lid. If you do not open, you do not guess it turned out to be a lamp.

  In this ceramic container, filled with transparent viscous liquid, the liquid will spread the top with a thin layer of black silicone oil. Mosaic bottom of the container with a small pump and LED bulbs. After energizing the pump to work, and push the air up, forming a luminous bubbles rising from the black silicone oil surface.

  Thus, the golden light of bubbles forming viscous liquid form silicone oil in bright black background contrasts, one after another, full of rhythm. Additionally, unexpected fluctuations generated voice bubble, this lamp adds to the mystery.

  Issued by silica gel thin black shiny golden bubble, twinkling, the whole ceramic squares energized. Although simple and pictures from the video, we can not determine the design of the illumination intensity and scope, but if only as a special home decorations, such a design must be sought after by many users

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