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Indian Railways will introduce LED lights

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-09

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  According to reports, Northeast Railway (NER), one of India's 17 railway zone,through the installation of solar panels and energy-saving LED bulbs on their devices to support the government's energy saving plan.

  Spokesman of NER Ashok Kumar expressed, NER has been used 60W ceiling fan to replace the original 90W, and install pole on the platform space. In addition, they have been upgraded six stations logo displays and office, all replaced with LED lights.

  Kumar added, NER also plans to use 56,500 sets of LED T5 tube lights to replace 40W lighting equipment in the near future.

  At present, India has two railway stations complete LED lighting installation, and use of solar energy NER also sought to open up to 512 stations within the crossing. Which has a station in India in 2014 was named the Department of Energy "Energy efficient station." NER has saved 3.2 million energy units, worth the equivalent of 23.3 million rupees ($ 3.4 million).

  Likewise, other railway is also to go along with this trend. According to the local train station a regional manager, said the northern railway (NR) will also install solar bulbs and LED bulbs.

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