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Shocked! Intelligent LED light can escape to greet people

  • Author:Abby
  • Source:net
  • Release on :2015-09-07

   Shenzhen Risen OPTO CO., LTD.

  By two Japanese designers (Hideki Yoshimoto & Yoshinaka Ono) founded design company called Tagent Design, has been famous for their Creativity lighting. Their keynote on " The combination of nature and technology, To people's lives, space and time to add brilliance and joy." Therefore, their design works are mostly inspired from life or nature. This time, it will introduce an excellent work.

  This is a floor lamp named Inaho interaction is the best design work in 2013 LEXUS Milan Design Award. Its design inspiration from rice fields in the wind swinging. Golden LED lights in twos and threes with such mature stalks of rice swaying in the breeze, the picture beautiful.

  Inaho rice whole group consists of a simple LED light lamp, lamp and the base. LED top tube length of about 150mm, porous design, simulation mature rice, issued golden light; the middle is connected to the base of the lamp, "straw", the use of carbon fiber tubing, length 1.3m, diameter of about 3mm ; the bottom is a high circular base of 70mm, embedded within a variety of sensors that can detect changes in the environment in time.

  When the sensors detect someone through, connecting the base carbon fiber pipe will swing automatically according to the user walking directions, realize the interaction between man and the lamp.

  Such a rice lamp having artistic, regardless of place where the work will be dazzling. At home, several groups Inaho rice lights to make the entire room becomes warm and lively. You can also put dozens of groups in the company or the hotel's corridors and halls, golden rice harvest symbol, not only moral good, style is also high. Also, or, used in large-scale performances, 100-200 Inaho group consisting wonderful, magnificent rice fields, that will make the program more ornamental. Compared to traditional static floor lamp, this Inaho rice lamp also has lighting, ornamental and interactive features bring people wonderful visual enjoyment. According to official sources, this floor lamp was on sale on March 1 this year.


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