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12 kinds of LED and application of new technology which is your food? 2

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  • Release on :2017-06-09
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     American Museum of Art installs transformational lighting fixtures
     In 2016, American tourists will soon be able to visit the Brandy River Museum in a new lighting device. According to reports, in order to enhance the visitors experience, the museum's all six pavilions will be installed on the new energy-saving LED lighting tracking lighting system. Lighting is a key factor in creating a pavilion atmosphere in welcoming and delivering the best viewing of artwork. The new LED lighting system will help to improve the flexibility of the different works of art in the various museums of the Brandy River Museum, including the classic paintings by the Wise artist family and the American painter Winslow Holmes Slim paper works.
    It is said that the new LED lighting system can significantly improve the brightness of light, and even let visitors like the first time to see these paintings. With the LED lights to provide better color reproduction, visitors can really appreciate the subtleties of each art and color range. In addition, this lamp also helps to significantly reduce energy consumption, can help the museum to reduce carbon emissions. The entire lighting project work from January 4 to mid-March this year. This transformative project is funded by CrystalTrust. With this subsidy, the museum will also create a new voice navigation system.
    Chinese students design LED lights two - way lane model
Recently, by a Huizhou high school students invented the LED lights to create two-way lane model, by virtue of creativity as the school science and technology festival star. In this design, the use of a few LED lights instead of double yellow line to distinguish between the two sides of the opposite direction of travel, making the peak period can be free to control the width of both sides of the reverse road, so as to make full use of road resources. The model has a total of six lanes, the middle two lanes with three LED lights separate. Under normal circumstances, the middle of the LED light source to open, two-way each three lanes. During the peak period, the reverse lane lane becomes part of the positive crowded lane by widening the crowded road by increasing the load capacity of the forward lane.
According to reports, the lane, the first lane on the side of the lantern lights up, through the signs to remind the driver as soon as possible, will be close to the original double yellow line of the road empty, after a period of time, the original center of the light Close, let the crowded road vehicle lane into the empty lane. The school general technical teacher said that the students with very little cost of transformation to replace the huge amount of capital investment, to achieve road widening and re-planning to alleviate the peak of the road congestion problem. And praised the design is very creative, theoretically feasible.
Plant plant cantaloupe yield up to 8 times the greenhouse
Changhua University, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, teachers and students, research and development plant plants to LED light source technology with environmental temperature control, try to grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits. And recently announced the results: the plant plant cultivation of melon, tomato and other crops, which planted out of the melon juicy and sweet and high yield of up to 8 times the greenhouse planting. Da Ye University President said that the future hope to transfer technology to farmers, to create new agriculture, while the school also for each crop growth characteristics of research and development, and LED as a light source, cost savings.
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Bioscience and Biology, said that the cantaloupe is traditionally cultivated in the form of open-air or greenhouse, although skilled, but not affected by the weather can not be produced throughout the year, with more melon pests and diseases, good quality, more pesticide residues Problem, so try planting with plant plant. The use of LED light source technology with environmental temperature control, out of the cantaloupe not only completely without pesticides, each average weight can reach more than 2 kg, sugar 16 degrees or more, one can keep three fruits, plant life can reach 1 year, Can be harvested 5 consecutive.
Intelligent Ceiling Fan with Apple HomeKit Protocol
Recently, HunterFan company in the CES launched two smart ceiling fans, in addition to control through the smart phone, but also support Apple's HomeKit protocol. These two intelligent doors, which are named Symphony and Signal, respectively, support Wi-Fi connectivity and HomeKit platform, through the Sir Sir voice assistant voice control. In addition to App remote control, but also through the HomeKit geographical fence or scene control conditions, user-friendly after leaving the door set ceiling fan automatically shut down.
In addition, these two products can also be supported with other HomeKit platform intelligent home products integration, including thermostats, including intelligent home complete control platform. For example, when the smoke detector detects the smoke, the ceiling fan will automatically start to help air circulation, and activate the built-in LED lighting system. It is reported that Symphony and Signal are 54 inches in diameter, built-in high-quality motor and LED lighting.
Both with an alarm clock and a smart "pad"
This is a practical and interesting invention of the application, called Ruggie's "alarm clock pad", when the foot pedal pad, the mat on the light will be lit up as a night light to use, and show the current time. After 20 seconds, the light will turn off automatically. With this feature, at night when the toilet on the foot pad, you can provide a weak lighting. At the same time, for most people worry about the bed, the pad will be issued a cry, only really sit up, and feet on the mat on the foot three seconds to stop.
The material of the mat is a slow recovery of the memory of the bubble, stepping on the feeling is very comfortable, and get up time foot on the floor, do not have to worry about the floor too cold. Users can either use USB charging, but also through the USB and computer connected, and any songs drag to the "foot pad" folder, set the alarm. The main designer of the mat is the Hong Kong people named WinsonTam, he and his team spent eight months to develop this "smart" products.

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