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Both the monitor light + behavior Netatmo detection

  • लेखक:Eunice
  • स्रोत:net
  • पर रिलीज:2016-03-25
         Shenzhen Risen OPTO Co.,Ltd,led RGB light supplier in china,led outdoor lighting suppliers,led lamp fixtures supplier.
         Last year, Netatmo has launched a home camera, face recognition can be performed to remind the user to screen the identity of the characters, and now Netatmo has brought a new outdoor security camera at this CES, this camera can distinguish between people, animal and vehicle, very intelligent.
         Netatmo's Outdoor Camera named Presence, the appearance of a four four square shape, although some seem large, but with a bit of science fiction elements. In addition, Presence is also equipped with a huge LED lighting system can provide illumination in outdoor. Because Presence is an outdoor camera, in addition to automatically open and close the LED lamp, the lighting function it can also provide some interesting features, such as when the camera detects a person came to the door and opens the lighting system, and some other small animal in the wild dogs through time, not excited system (of course Presence, itself also provides a night vision function). The company said the use of Presence is called "smart image (Smart Sight)" deep learning algorithm, it can differentiate between a human, animal and vehicle.
         This product has extensive safety lights, with a 100 degree wide-angle lens and the sensing range 20 meters. It can capture the infrared scene in the night. You can set up the monitoring area, and can also adjust the alert level, if you do not love your report, just want to know a little notice in case of emergency, to a higher level as well.
         The user can see through the App monitor screen, in addition Presence itself can also be saved or video recording. Netatmo said Presence, at least you can save about 100 videos.
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